Serene and Discreet Places To Light Up

If You’re In Chicago And Looking For A Perfect Smoke Spot, Kashmir Has Got You Covered! We all know that lighting up inside of the house or apartment isn’t always the best option and some may not even allow cannabis period! So what do you do? Where do you go to smoke? Kashmir Rolling Papers […]

The Breaks Music Festival ft. Kashmir Rolling Papers

The Breaks Music Festival in Toyota Park, Chicago was all sort of EPIC. Legends like Wu Tang Clan being the headliners of the concert was the highlight but not to forget Twista, Vic Mensa, Talib Kwelli, Yasiin Bey and Many more amazing artists performed on the same stage. #Kashmir420 had fun connecting with such talent at the […]

Health Benefits of CBD

Interested in CBD oil, the health benefits and what all the hype is all about? Here is how CBD is being used to treat medical conditions today, and how it may help you or someone you know. First off, what is CBD? As more and more states legalize the use of marijuana, a product known as […]

The Art Of Rolling Is A Joint Effort

Conned, Cylindrical, Pinned, Thick or Thin – These are just several shapes and types of a joint. We all love ourselves some smooth, perfectly shaped joints to chill with. So, let’s find out some unique styles of rolling a joint… 1. The Cross Say Thanks to #SethRogan and #JamesFranco, The Cross Joint was first introduced […]

Size Matters When It Comes To Rolling Papers 💨

Check Out The Kashmir Rolling Paper Size Guide: Welcome to another informational post! Today we will be discussing rolling paper size and the importance of knowing which one you need! Let’s start…rolling papers come in different sizes for a reason. It all depends on your dosage preferences, location and the size of your smoking party. […]

Rolling Papers vs. Wraps

Similar but definitely different 💨 Rolling up tobacco or cannabis gives you a customizable smoking experience. As the user, you control the paper and you decide on the type, and the amount, of product to use. Many people love pre-rolled tubes, however, there is absolutely nothing quite like rolling your own. It can be overwhelming […]

Pre-Rolled Tubes: Why Buy Them?

Every smoker has a different idea and preference on how they like to smoke. Some people like to grind their herbs up and pack it in a pipe or bong, while others enjoy rolling their own joint or blunt. Many people like to roll for its simplicity… and others like it because it’s much easier […]

First Time Smoker? We’ve Got Your Back!

A beginner’s guide to smoking cannabis. Cannabis around the United States, even the globe, is slowly becoming more and more popular…let alone legal either medically or recreationally. With the number of recreational states expanding, millions of people could find themselves with the option to legally get high for the first time…EVER. So, we thought we […]

The Art Of Rolling: Kashmir Rolling Papers

Do you like to roll your own cigarettes? Do you know the importance of rolling papers to your smoking experience? If you do, then you already know why finding the right rolling paper is important. Whether you’ve been smoking for years or you are just starting, the quality of rolling papers you use will define […]

Is CBD Really The Next BIG Thing?

If you frequently research alternative methods for treating pain or illnesses, then you’ve probably seen CBD come up a lot in your search engines. CBD, which is a non-psychoactive cannabis ingredient, has been gaining major popularity over the last few years, mainly for its believed health benefits. Some say it treats anxiety. Others claim it’s […]