Kashmir Unbleached King Slim Display 50ct.



Kashmir Unbleached King Slim Display

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Kashmir Unbleached Rolling papers are the only choice for those preferring a lighter smoke without the chlorine aftertaste. By using less-processed paper fibers, Kashmir Unbleached papers are the natural alternative to every day papers.

Kashmir Unbleached papers are now available in King Slim, non pre-priced packaging. While the line of 99 cent pre-priced rolling papers from Kashmir represent the best value on the market today, we know that a pre-pricing model does not work for everyone. To better serve our domestic and foreign partners, we’ve introduced unpriced Kashmir Rolling Paper packaging in two of our most-popular paper styles and sizes.

• Unbleached King Slim

• Non Pre-Priced

• 50ct Display Box: 32 leaves per pack, 50 packs per box

• Also available in 24ct. case


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