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With these easy steps, you’ll be rolling the perfect blunt like a true boss.

Let’s face it… Rolling a blunt (and possibly a joint) is a real art form. Like any other skill, practice makes perfect, and that definitely applies when you’re learning how to roll a perfect blunt. With our tips, rolling a blunt will soon be a breeze. So let’s begin with the step-by-step instructions.

What you’ll need to roll a blunt:

• Kashmir 100% Organic Hemp Wraps (it’s always a good idea to have extras, especially when learning how to roll a blunt.)

• Good Cannabis

• Grinder

• Rolling Tray (Check out the different designs and sizes we have in store!)

• Lighter

Step 1: Grind Your Weed

We need some of that green so let’s begin with grinding your cannabis. Just make sure you don’t grind it into powdery dust…we need some light chunks to help facilitate airflow. Try to aim for a “fluffy consistency” when rolling a blunt.

Step 2: Pack The Blunt

Please tell me you’re rolling with the Kashmir Wraps…. right??!! If you have no idea what those are…here’s a little bit of background knowledge for ya:

Kashmir Organic Hemp Wraps are the superior alternative to tobacco-based wraps on the market today. And along with an even, slow burn, Kashmir Wraps are Vegan-friendly and GMO-free as well. So if you want a clean taste and a long-lasting smoke, Kashmir has it all wrapped up!

Now that you’re on board, take your hemp wrap and carefully begin to pack the ground cannabis into it. Don’t be scared about packing…no one enjoys a skinny blunt, let’s roll a nice full one. Also, with a skinny half-empty blunt, there is no structure and it tends to fall apart after it’s been lit wasting all of that cannabis. An easy way to fill is by starting out in the middle and carefully pushing the cannabis to each end of the wrap.

Step 3: Roll The Blunt

This will probably the most difficult step for some folks… but in all honesty…it’s not that bad once you practice and practice.

There are two main methods of blunt rolling; both work just the same. If you try them both, you can decide which one works best for you.

For the first method (rolling your cannabis down tightly) of how to roll a blunt, fold the shorter end of the blunt wrapper under the weed. Roll back and forth using your thumbs. Make sure your index fingers are pressing downward, onto the blunt. That way, you’ll get a nice tight roll, while also shaping the blunt into formation. Pay attention to the ends; make sure you don’t accidentally seal them up while you’re rolling.

For the second method (tucking your paper and rolling forward) of rolling a blunt, roll from the butt to the tip (the burning end). To start, tuck the bottom flap of the blunt wrapper under the top flap on the butt end. Repeat this action as you make your way along the blunt, all the way to the tip.

When using either method, carefully heat the rolled blunt with your lighter (that helps hold the seal and also promotes a more even burn for your smoking experience). Run the lighter lengthwise under the seam of the wrap and around the outside of the blunt. Don’t hold the lighter too close; you don’t want to ignite the blunt… just yet.

Step 4: Even It Up

You’re almost there!!!! How exciting! So now it’s time to finalize the rolling process before lighting that bad boy up. Make sure the blunt’s contents are evened out by rubbing your thumb and index finger up and down the length of the blunt.

Step 5: Seal The Blunt

This is it…the final step! How are you doing so far? Is it working out for you?! Let’s get back on track here. Lick the blunt wrapper’s edge, then roll the rest of the wrapper over the moistened part. Working just like glue, the blunt will seal together and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

Now you’ve rolled your blunt and it’s finally ready to be lit! Stop for a moment and just admire your freshly rolled blunt. Now, burn that thing and enjoy the wonders of THC and a very relaxing buzz.

And hey, if it didn’t work out for you this time around…remember that practice makes perfect.

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Special thanks to Lauren for helping us out and demonstrating the rolling process. Photography done by JG.Image.