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Similar but definitely different 💨

Rolling up tobacco or cannabis gives you a customizable smoking experience. As the user, you control the paper and you decide on the type, and the amount, of product to use. Many people love pre-rolled tubes, however, there is absolutely nothing quite like rolling your own.

It can be overwhelming to decide whether to use rolling paper or a rolling wrap (hemp wrap), especially

if it’s your first time rolling on your own. Rolling paper and rolling wraps are similar, but they’re no the same. Let’s chat…

They have different characteristics: the taste, burn, smoke quality and the way you roll them. While some smokers prefer using papers, others dedicate themselves to using rolling wraps. Rolling cannabis or tobacco gives the user a customizable and personalized smoking experience.

What Are Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are a thin sheet of paper that you can use to manually roll your own cigarettes/joints. Most rolling papers are tasteless, although some manufacturers can add flavors and chemical additives to their papers enhancing the smoking experience.

These papers are thin, but definitely strong enough to provide support for your tobacco or your finely ground cannabis during the entire rolling process.

Many people overlook the quality and thickness of their smoking paper, but these factors will determine how well your roll will smoke and burn. For a beginner, it’s best you get a thicker rolling paper, especially when you’re just learning how to roll. These heavier papers will not rip when rolling and they burn slower than thinner papers.

The standard sizes of rolling papers are single-wide, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, double-wide, and kings.

Here are some of the pros and cons of rolling papers…

Kashmir Organic Hemp Rolling Papers


  • The user gets the natural flavor of your tobacco or cannabis
  • Rolling Papers are not expensive
  • They give the user control over his or her smoking experience
  • Rolling papers are quick to roll
  • Compared to wraps, rolling papers offer more paper per pack


  • Papers can burn faster than wraps if prepared poorly or incorrectly
  • It can also require a bit of dexterity

What Are Rolling Wraps?

A rolling wrap…also known as a cigar, blunt or hemp wrap…is a type of wrap that can hold either cannabis or tobacco together much like a cigar. In simple words, rolling wraps are an imitation of a real cigar.

Some wraps come prepared with tobacco inside… commonly known as cigarillos. Some of the companies that make these are: “White Owls”, “Swisher Sweets”, “Backwoods”, “Dutch Masters” and “Good Times.” These wraps can come in various flavors all the way from menthols to fruity flavors to custards. Some users explore the flavored wraps because it supersedes the taste of the cannabis or tobacco. Others on the other hand, enjoy natural and organic wraps because it gives users the true flavor of their cannabis or tobacco.

Many times, users who have been rolling for a long time like to expand the potency of their product, mainly cannabis, by adding wax to the outer layer of the roll. This little trick is called twax blunt. Remember, if you are a new to the art of rolling…you might want to hold off on this trick for now.

The shape, size and color of a rolling wrap varies among brands. Generally, these wraps, just like real cigars, are measured by their length (in inches) and ring gauge (1/64th of an inch). The color of these wraps largely depends on the aging process of the tobacco leaves. Fresh tobacco leaf is naturally green. As it gets old and dries, it becomes caramel, and then chocolate brown. Many of these wrappers are typically around the brown color but some stay at the green spectrum. Wraps made from hemp come with a green hemp leaf wrapped around tobacco.

Here are some of the pros and cons of rolling wraps…


  • Easy to use
  • Can easily be shared among friends or smaller crowds
  • Great flavors
  • Burns longer than rolling papers


  • Wraps use more product (cannabis or tobacco)
  • Can cause harsh smoke on your lungs

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